Monday, November 1, 2010

My first show!

Exciting art news! I have an art piece in a group show in Portland!! It's at the Launch Pad Gallery and there it will be a part of the First Friday art receptions that happen on the East side. The show is called Facing Fear and 100 local and emerging artists are participating (including me!). The reception is on November 5th from 6-12 and the gallery's address is :

534 S.E. Oak St
Portland, Oregon
(971) 227 0072

I'm even on the show card! My image is the creepy little bird skull on the left side. Considering there were 100 artists and only a handful got onto the show card I feel really special! I spent a day walking around Sellwood passing out show cards at the local galleries and coffee shops I was so excited.

I'm putting in an older piece I that I got a nice new frame for and I'm hoping that someone will buy it! Not that I would earn a lot of money from the sale, but the thought of someone loving my art enough to buy it and find a special place for it in their house would be gratifying. It feels like things are slowly starting to pick up speed a little, but I need to make a lot more work before I can really get the ball rolling.

Come and enjoy the show, look at the art, eat some snacks and talk to all the artists. I hope to see people there!


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