Friday, November 12, 2010

Tour of my studio

Ever since I went on the Portland Open Studio Tour I've been inspired to put together my own studio in the basement. I've been collecting tables, art supplies, appliances, and numerous fliers from First Thursdays and the Open Studios. I feel like I finally have a set up that works for me, although I'd still like to organize it further and maybe get some shelves. So, in the spirit of the Open Studio tours I'd like to open up my studio to you! Here are some pictures of the set up I have so far.

Here's my table with a view of my inspiration boards

Here's a close up of my painting supplies. I have my palette/griddle, my crock pot of medium, my heat gun, and the all important coffee

Here's my palette with my muffin tin for mixing, and my pigments. This is how I keep my wax liquid while I'm painting.

Here's the crock pot I found at the Goodwill that I keep my encaustic medium in. $5 and it works great! I keep my brushes and tools in empty jam jars.

Here are some inspiration boards I made using fliers from shows and artists. I also keep the First Thursday and Friday maps up here too.

Where I keep most of my art supplies. I really need to organize more...

New boards all prepped and ready for painting!

My dancing manikin friends who keep me company down here.

Well that's all for now. I need to get back to work because I've fallen behind on my painting this week. This was supposed to be the week of my fabulous new schedule until I got sidelined by an all day errand on Tuesday, then knocked down with a mega migraine on Wednesday that doesn't seem to be completely gone still. Once I'm back on my game I'd like to write an educational post about my painting medium, encaustics (hot wax). It's a medium that not many people know and I love to teach about. Hopefully it will answer some questions people have when they see my paintings and how exactly I do it. Until then,


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