Thursday, October 1, 2009

Visual Art Rubric

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything because I got busy with grading, then with the flu. Just a little reminder to all the teachers out there that the flu shot takes less time and is less painful than the actual flu. I guess they even come in a nasal mist now (no needles!). Anyway, thought I'd quickly post something that has saved me lots of time so far: my complete visual art rubric. I use it to grade just about every project at the high school because effort, craftsmanship, composition, creativity, and use of medium are important in any project. At the beginning of the year I went over the whole rubric with the class so they knew exactly how they'd be graded. Right now it's out of 20 to match my mentor teacher's system, but can be altered for what you need. I don't have the actual word document anymore so it's a jpeg, but if you needed to make any changes it's pretty easy to retype. When I have more time I might redo it myself in case I wanted to change anything. It's been really efficient having one grading sheet to worry about (and try to find next year) instead of boxes full, and the students get used to it and learn what the different areas mean more in depth. Hope it saves you some time!

Visual Art Rubric


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