Sunday, September 13, 2009

Elements and Principles Slide Shows

I just finished making some slide shows on Power Point for a computers class and thought I'd share them. The first one is on the Elements of Art and has action buttons to advance the slide show, and the second one is on the Principles of Design and is self advancing (requirements for the projects). Most of the pictures and photos are mine and people are free to use them if they want to and the voice over is me, but if you wanted to take my voice off that would easy to do. There are also some hyper links that connect to a really good website for the Elements and Principles:

At the end of both shows is a hyperlink to a course outline I wrote that uses the Elements and Principles (again a requirement of the project you could take off). Feel free to use course outline if you would like, but I should mention that I did get the sculpture project from the Arts and Activities magazine (I'll give credit where it's due).

I also have a slide in each show with a mnemonic device for memorizing the Elements and Principles which I used to study for Praxis. It's really helpful if your kids have problems remembering the terms.

Elements of Art Slide Show

Principles of Design Slide Show


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